How to use Duty Calc

Duty calculator site works best with non-Microsoft Internet browsers e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc

Getting started

1. Previously Registered in Kenya: If the motor vehicle is already in Kenya and was previously registered, Under government agencies or other bodies for which duty was not previously paid, please check, else leave this option blank.

2. Month and year of first registration: This will enable the calculator to automatically determine the depreciation rate of the motor vehicle. Note that it's illegal to import Vehicles older than eight (8) years to Kenya. If the motor vehicle ismore than eight(8) years from the year of manufacture, but less than/or eight(8) years from the year of first registration, the difference between the date of manufacture and the first date of registration should not be more than one(1) year.

3. Extra Depreciation: Incase the motor vehicle was previously registered in Kenya there may be need to enter extra depreciation at a rate agreeable to KRA depending on the age and condition of the vehicle.

4. Motor vehicle body type: Select the Motor vehicle body type, this enables the system to determine the tax category of the vehicle.

5. Vehicle model & Make : Select the desired vehicle make and model. In case the motor vehicle that you desire is not displayed in the systems please contact us with the details by email Alternatively click on the Can't Find button or the "Unavailable cars? " menu and fill out the form

6. Fuel type: Select The fuel type consumed by the motor vehicle. Mostly the system will pick the appropriate fuel type.

7. Engine capacity: Select the vehicle engine capacity (CC). Engine capacity is compulsory. If the vehicle engine capacity desired is not available, click on the Can't Find button or the "Unavailable cars? " menu and fill out the form. We will upload the vehicle details soonest possible for your calculations.

8. On Entering the engine capacity (cc) the Calculator automatically picks the Current Retail Selling Price (CRSP) of the vehicle in readiness of calculation.

9. Enter the weight in kilograms and shipping volume of the Motor vehicle in Cubic Metric (M3) as is on the bill of lading. Kindly note that the weight (kg) and volume in CBM (M3) are optional and only necessary for port and other charges estimation, therefore one can still calculate duty payable without entering this option. (Do not confuse shipping volume with the engine capacity of the motor vehicle.)

10. US Dollar Exchange rate: This is entered to estimate port and shipping delivery order charges at the destination. Note that these charges are usually in dollars then converted to Ksh hence the need for exchange rate.

11. Calculate button: On clicking the button after entering the above, taxes and other charges payable are displayed in details

12. Clear button: On clicking the clear button all previous entries are cleared for new selections and calculations