About Us

Dutycalc is an online data-based tool developed with the main intention of enabling Kenyan used motor vehicle importers to calculate Custom duty and other surcharges. This tool enables them to make informed decisions and prepare them for any potential tax liabilities before making an import order.

DutyCALC is also useful for people who desire to purchase vehicles that were previously registered in Kenya but for which duty was not paid. E.g Government agencies motor vehicles.

With the DutyCalc you can estimate the import taxes in a few quick steps. By filling out just one form, you'll get the accurate importation tax result returned.

All duty, IDF, Registration fees and VAT rates have been carefully researched by professional customs duty experts and are in line with the rates of the Kenya Revenue Authority Customs Integrated Tariff.

The calculator works for most of the vehicles that are imported into Kenya. Incase the motor vehicle that you desire to import is not displayed in the systems, please contact us with the details by email info@dutycalc.co.ke or click on the "Can't Find" link or click here and fill out the form.